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The value provided by Neu Matics EC extends beyond the superior design and workmanship we put into every product we manufacture. Our customers receive cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality, rapid delivery to reduce downtime, along with exceptional customer support to accommodate the unique needs of their applications.

High quality, cost-effective automation, transportation, process, automotive solutions backed by personalised customer service and consultation.

Neu Matics EC Safety Valves

Hydraulic and pneumatic safety valves are proven to serve the application needs of energy isolation, safety exhaust, safe cylinder return, and load handling. Sound workplace safety practices reduce the risk of injury to employees including machine operators and maintenance technicians. Beyond protecting your employees, a safe manufacturing environment reduces the risk of accidental damage to machinery or other company assets, and prevents harm to the environment.

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Customer Defined Application Solutions with ROSS/FLEX®

When you need the function of a standard product in a different package, ROSS/FLEX® is the answer. We’ll work directly with your engineering team to design the optimum solution, and then by repackaging the existing internal parts of our standard products, we eliminate the need for life-cycle testing.


Our ROSS/FLEX® solutions are built to reduce costs, improve productivity, and provide a unique solution that is manufactured to your requirements but is developed in days, rather than weeks or months.

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The History and Future of Pneumatics

September 15th, 2021|

Have you ever heard the term pneumatics? Even if the answer is no, many of the things you use daily involve pneumatics. Pneumatics has a rich history spanning thousands of years and will play a [...]

 Neu Matics EC Authorised Distributor Certificates

Neu Matics EC is an authorised distributor of ROSS Controls as well as Automatic Valve, Decco & AirTAC. View our certificates below.